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If we don’t get you on Google’s 1st page for the majority of your keyword phrases within 120 days you stop paying us until we do!

For transparency’s sake here is an example of our Guarantee Agreement.


 Guarantee Agreement


Your Company agrees to pay $ _________each month for the next __ months starting ____________ 2023. This payment schedule is subject to the following conditions:

(a) A majority (more than half) of the following keyword phrases listed below must rank on the first page of the Google search results organically within the first 120 days or we will stop billing you until this is accomplished.

Keyword Phrase 1 __________________________________________________________
Keyword Phrase 2 ___________________________________________________________
Keyword Phrase 3 __________________________________________________________
Keyword Phrase 4 ___________________________________________________________
Keyword Phrase 5 __________________________________________________________
Keyword Phrase 6 __________________________________________________________
Keyword Phrase 7 ___________________________________________________________
Keyword Phrase 8 __________________________________________________________
Keyword Phrase 9 ___________________________________________________________
Keyword Phrase 10 __________________________________________________________
Keyword Phrase 11 __________________________________________________________
Keyword Phrase 12 ___________________________________________________________
Keyword Phrase 13 __________________________________________________________
Keyword Phrase 14 ___________________________________________________________
Keyword Phrase 15 __________________________________________________________

(b) After the initial period is over, either party may end this agreement without reason by giving a 30-day notice in writing or via email.

(c) The Client further agrees to pay the first month upon signing this agreement.


____________________________________ Dated this ____ day of

_______ 2023

Authorized Client Signature

____________________________________ Dated this ____ day of

_______ 2023

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